About Chongqing Noodles

     Chongqing noodles are referred to as xiao mian in Chinese, which means “little noodles” in English. The term “Chongqing noodles” is typified by a variety of spicy noodle dishes that originated and exist in Chongqing, China, which are collectively referred to as xiao mian. Xiao mian is also prepared in other areas of the world, such as the United Kingdom and areas of Australia and the United States.

     Xiao mian is a traditional breakfast dish in Chongqing that is widely consumed by Chongqing residents. The dishes are typically low-priced, and are a common street food in Chongqing. It has been described as a staple food of Chongqing, and is an historic part of the cuisine there. It is widely available in Chongqing restaurants.

     Xiao mian noodles are typically prepared using wheat. There are two main types of xiao mian dishes: noodles with soup and noodles without soup. Chongqing noodle dishes are typically spicy and prepared using a variety of spices, seasonings and sauces. Sichuan pepper is often used in the dish’s preparation. Myriad meats and vegetables are also used in its preparation. Various garnishes and condiments are also used, such as spring onions and chili oil.